Modern yacht owners are more informed about the market than ever, and now they have their eyes on the cutting edge of technology for new solutions with the potential to improve the seafaring experience. Above all, the priority is maximizing guest comfort, so more and more are turning to CMC Marine for next-Gen stabilisation systems that eliminate roll both at anchor and underway.

Since the development of the two innovative stabilising fin series, Stabilis Electra and Waveless, and the Directa wheelhouse, the Argo solution to make them communicate and work in harmony was the natural next step.

Precision-engineered electric stabiliser fins can hold a yacht steady, but when the autopilot route is adjusted and the rudder moves to orient the yacht toward the new heading, the vessel will list as it turns and the stabilisation system will react, interfering with the route. Then, the autopilot will detect that the yacht is off course. The cycle will repeat throughout the cruise in a feedback loop of micro-corrections which is neither efficient nor comfortable.

CMC Marine

The first working solution to this problem is a software that CMC Marine calls Argo – the electronic integration of steering, stabilisers, and autopilot with the switchboard. The key is that the autopilot communicates directly with the fins, so the fins and rudder, rather than fighting each other, can work together in harmony for substantial improvements to route stability, fuel efficiency, and onboard comfort.

The Stabilis Electra HS80 stabilizers work great with the system, but CMC assures compatibility across their range of products, which are incidentally compact, require little maintenance and work reliably with great effect.

The software goes even further, leveraging the new synergy of onboard systems, Argo can sound helpful alarms to warn the captain about sea conditions, such as broaching, keeping the yacht on an optimal course in terms of performance as well as guest comfort.

Since its launch on the market in 2020, Argo has been installed on board on a number of yachts, equipped with a variety of systems, both from CMC Marine and other brands. For example, a Directa 140 wheelhouse, 4 electric stabilising fins and Dualis electric thrusters, all by CMC Marine, are on board MY Aurelia of Cantiere delle Marche; The Azimut Trideck, on the other hand, has electro-hydraulic steering by a third company, together with HS stabiliser fins and Dualis electric thrusters from CMC Marine.

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