We are always looking for a new inland or water-based toy to add to the superyacht toy collection. We have looked at a range of submersibles and even a list of top five in our last magazine, however, something new has surfaced.

A Russian drone start-up called Hoversurf released a video of a prototype for a single-seat hoverbike called Scorpion-3. This piece of technology is an electric-powered hoverbike that can lift itself and the driver into the air. It combines the traditional motorcycle design with quadcopter drone technology which enables it to control speed and agility with ease. To ensure safety – use of the proprietary software mean that the company can limit the range and velocity of the hoverbike.

Scorpion-3 is currently seen as an extreme sports instrument, and as it is accessible to amateurs and professionals, this seems like a great toy to add for those thrill-seeking guests!

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