Imagine: Stewards and stewardesses can get lost in mountains of ironing. And no matter how beautiful the garments you are tending to, ironing can still be a bore, and the high-value of the clothes can often add extra stress. So, why not leave it to a robot who has a scientific way of knowing when all the creases are out, and won’t stop until it achieves this goal.

Tell me more: Such robot’s name is TEO. TEO uses a camera built into its head to create a 3D representation of the clothing and ironing board. It then decides on a number between zero and one, which signifies how wrinkly each point on the garment is. Zero represents a sharp edge, and one is a flat surface. Once it has removed all the creases using a calculated ironing trajectory, it goes over once again for extra wrinkle-removal.

Superyacht ready? Not quite. Currently, the robot is quite slow and needs a human helper to put clothes on the ironing board for it. However, Juan Victores, a member of the team behind TEO, has high hopes for the robot. His goal is for it to be able to tackle a range of domestic tasks including kitchen work, meaning galley chefs could benefit from it too. The ultimate aim is for TEO to be able to learn how to do a task just by watching people with no technical expertise carry it out.Whilst TEO is not currently on market, it is being continually progressed by developers at Cornell University.

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