David Store Navigational Management has unveiled a website aiming to revolutionise cruising guides, allowing them to be personalised, digitised, and always up-to-date.

The ‘e-Pilot’ website will still allow crew to make specific notes and highlight areas of interest as they would on a paper product, but using online editing tools instead. However, sharing these notes with team members should be easier with the digital guides viewable on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone and by up to three users per subscription. The system is live and constantly updates, so crew always see the most up to date data.

As the only fully digital magazine in the superyacht industry, Superyacht Technology always supports innovative ways to reduce the paper load onboard a yacht. By digitising cruising guides, the need for bulky books on the bridge should hopefully be no more! For those concerned with the security aspect of this, a login is required to access any of your publications; the data will only be available to the people that you give these login details to.


 DSNM's digital cruising guides can be viewed on a range of devices


Depending on the size and requirements of your superyacht, there are different packages available. You can purchase from one publication up to a whole area, and this is adaptable as needs change. In fact, the company says that publications can be added by crew sending just one email or making one phone call, with no need for licence codes to be issued.

There are also no update processes to go through, a common gripe amongst yachts. All updates and new editions within the licence period are issued and updated automatically, free of charge to subscribers.

Watch the video to understand more about how users can navigate the website. We look forward to seeing how the market adapts to these paperless cruising guides in the years to come.