When asked for details on what to see and do onshore, standard crew protocol is to get in touch with the local harbour for information. They then make a note of their findings and report them to each guest, or may even print it off to hand out, so that guests can read it at their own leisure. Whilst this method is easy enough, it is also labour and time intensive.

To make this process more efficient, YachtEye have developed an Itinerary feature crafted to tackle this issue. It is a technical solution that allows crew to share all kinds of relevant information with the guests about any specific location on the itinerary. This digital information distribution means that crew can easily manage the information they send to the guests, delivering it quickly and stress-free.

For example, they can integrate the map of a city so that guests can see for themselves the best places to visit to suit their personal interests. They can also link pre-selected websites to the map for certain venues or events, meaning access to the exact website guests need is available at their fingertips. They can also upload PDF brochures for events, giving guests even more detailed information if desired. Every connected screen on board has all the information they need, and can be accessed through one simple medium.


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