The Triton submersibles have a history of chasing Giant Squid to a depth of 1000 meters, the endurance of the submersibles is relatively high and they are not limited by depth, exotic gas mixes or decompression tables!

Triton 3300/3 submersibles come with a transparent pressure hull that provides your guests visibility in every direction. Along with 12 hours’ dives, ‘WorldView’ navigation systems, remote diagnostics for easy maintenance, ultimate comfort and precise manoeuvres with multiple thrusters.

To give this a more ‘perfect-for-explorers’ label, Triton Submersibles can accommodate up to 500kg of payload, allowing your guests to add a camera, manipulators, science equipment and bespoke equipment.

It’s a great piece of technology for those who are dedicated to adventure, guests seeking for an expedition to serve a marine interest or even those who really wants to take their scientific research to the next level! The must have gadget for your expedition superyacht.

Those who looking for other types of submersible equipment, let’s compare!


We looked at this one earlier this year – ICTNEU 3 provides an unbeatable performance. Each dive can take one pilot and two observers; exploring down to 1000 metres, navigate 20 miles underwater and lasts up to 10 hours a mission – a powerful battery package. ICTNEU 3 provides high power and high energy capacity, each mission has no limitation of energy, the submersible is lightest yet with the innovation in stainless-steel materials sharing effortless maintenance. And what’s more, it’s very comfortable, high reliability and safe.


OrcaSub is a 2-person flying submersible, this gadget can drop up to 2000 feet and offers 80 hours of life support for each passenger. The submersible is battery power and it’s piloted by using 2-foot pedals and a joystick. The deeper below sea level you go, the less light can reach, so the OrcaSub holds a 60,000 lumen LED lighting rig and a low-range communications system too.

U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub

And finally, the Cruise Sub. For those of you who seen the Land Ahoy article in Superyacht Technology digital magazine by Superyacht Tenders and Toys, you may have remembered this sub. This submersible boats the largest passenger payload, which is great for a small group of guests. The Submersible can hold 1 pilot and 5 or more guests. It can endurance 12 hours, fall to depths of up to 1140 meters with a speed of 3 knots. With an 8-thruster configuration, the submersible can handle easily in demanding underwater conditions. Although it is quite a unique manned submersible, the sub is only suitable for a larger support vessel or shore based operations.