Yacht managers and crew can now enjoy easier preparation for port state control inspections thanks to new app PSC Ready, a cloud-based and secure application which helps crew to understand all the requirements needed to be ready for PSC inspections. Bureau Veritas is launching this IOS and Android application as an extension of its wide digital portfolio developed to meet the needs and challenges of the marine industry.

On the app, users can get help ensuring compliance with applicable requirements and receive training to detect, correct and avoid deficiencies. Recognising that data connections can be patchy on-board, it has ‘Check offline, report online’ functionality meaning it can be used in any conditions.This ultimately enhances vessel maintenance by developing crews’ awareness of safety, environmental and employment requirements as well as those for ship structures and equipment.

Are you PSC Ready?

PSC Ready also enables the sharing and analysis of records and performance with managers and the promotion of awareness of specific PSC concentrated inspection campaigns – all with access to the latest information about PSC areas of focus and interpretation.

Laurent Leblanc, Vice President and Marine Operations Director, Bureau Veritas said: “We wanted to ensure that shipowners and their crews know what Port State Inspections require and to help them manage those requirements – all with a practical, digital, tool. This application provides the most up-to-date route to manage PSC planning and performance, enabling data and best practice to be shared on-board and across fleets.”

He continued: “Port state control is a major operational factor for shipowners and the bottom line is both safety and preventing unexpected operational loss of time and cost.”



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