The Amazon Alexa dominated last year’s superyacht technology with big brands such as Crestron partnering with Amazon to allow voice control of music, lights, temperature and more on board.

Now, Amazon has announced the UK launch of its touchscreen Echo Spot device. Showcased at CES, this advancement on Alexa includes a 2.5-inch touchscreen Smart Display and a built-in camera. The display means that users can now ask Alexa to show them the weather rather than simply hear it, to display who is at the front door when linked to a camera there, and many other cool features.

The £119.99 device also doubles up as a ‘smart alarm’, and is already available in the US. However, with privacy always a big concern on yachts, some owners may feel that having this camera on board – not least in their bedroom as an alarm – is a step too far. In the past, Amazon devices have been reported to activate when they’re not wanted, opening up questions about whether the Echo Spot could turn into a potential spy, and whether cyber-criminals would be able to hack into this information.

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