It is now possible to instantly view your sailing data on your Apple Watch/iPhone /iPad – sent straight from your B&G equipped vessel – using Watch Leader. Developed by sailors, for sailors, this new app lets you view any available sailing data on any iOS device by speaking directly to your instruments, including H5000, Vulcan and Zeus3.

What’s more, it automatically discovers compatible devices, meaning the user doesn’t have to do a thing. Connecting via the same Wi-Fi network as your instruments, Watch Leader will automatically search for compatible devices on the network and pull through your instrument data.

For those concerned about the battery life of their Apple devices when using the app, the developers are one step ahead of you! When the watch is lowered and the user is no longer looking at it the app automatically goes to sleep and stops communicating with the device. Then, when the watch detects that you have raised your wrist to look at it, it wakes and the app instantly reconnects.

Watch Leader will automatically discover and read data from any B&G H5000 Processor, B&G Zeus, B&G Vulcan, Simrad NSO & Simrad Go. And because it includes the Simrad range of the Navico products it can be used by powerboaters too!

Created by Southampton-based Osprey Technical, a specialist in navigation & communication systems for sailing yachts, race yachts and superyachts, there is no doubt that the app will serve the industry very well. We expect to see it sitting proudly on the wrists of sailors everywhere before long.

Watch the video above to see exactly how it works!


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