Underwater Drones – OpenROV Trident

Three years ago, a kick-started campaign was set up with a dream to build an underwater robot that allows your guest to explore the ocean. Since then, thousands of OpenROV kits has been shipped around the world as the latest gadget for superyachts.

OpenROV Trident has been designed to travel long distances, to be quick and to perform delicate manoeuvres in tight spaces, perfect for doing hull checks. Like every drone, it is equipped with a HD camera that sends a live video. The drone is setup with embedded LED lights, which will illuminate areas where it is too deep for light to reach. With a sleek and elegant design, the Drone carved through the seas with such ease and accuracy.

The operating depth of the drone is 100 meters with top speeds of 2 meters per second and run time of 3 hours. OpenRov Trident is geared up with 3 unique propellers allowing to reach high speeds and precision control.