An ETO has released a new steward call system to market, after finding that current systems are inadequate for superyacht needs. The ETO, kept anonymous for obvious reasons, believes his software application for iPhone/iPad will provide a much better alternative.

In an exclusive interview with Superyacht Technology News, he said: “All similar software requires installation on board the yacht, and some support servers or press buttons in every room.

My app, named CiuxCall, requires only an iPhone or iPad and connection to the internet. Nothing more. No wires through walls, servers, special buttons or antennas.

When you download the app, you only need to register your email address and adjust the settings to fit your needs. This means you can be ready for calling in 5-15minutes. I think this is the main and most important difference between my system and others on the market today.”

The app does not need any location services such as GPS, WiFi HotSpots, or BlueTooth, as device location is not required in order for it to work. Outside the yacht, users will still be connected through LTE.

The ETO also claims that CiuxCall can handle more than 100,000 people calling at the same time.

He said: “I just want people to recognise the simplicity and beauty of using this app on yachts.”

After one year of development and testing, last night the app was approved by the Apple Team. It is now is available for free on App Store.