The next step to your superyacht adventure would be to dive deep to see the aquatic world. ICTNEU 3 provides an unbeatable performance. Each dive can takes one pilot and two observers; exploring down to 1000 metres, navigate 20 miles underwater and lasts up to 10 hours a mission – a powerful battery package. ICTNEU 3 has currently completed more than 50 dives, taking the interests of photographers, archaeologist and biologists, cruising at 1.5 knots with a huge field of view, it truly provides the perfect tool for adventure, observation and work.

ICTNEU 3 provides high power and high energy capacity, each mission has no limitation of energy, the submersible is lightest yet with the innovation in stainless-steel materials sharing effortless maintenance. And what’s more, it’s very comfortable, high reliability and safe.