At CES this year we saw the show led by technology companies showcasing the latest and trending AI assistants from around the world. From home assistants to robotic dogs, CES was bursting with transformational technology.

Sophia the robot made an appearance and took her first steps to wander around the show. “Integrating Sophia with a robotic body that can allow her to walk completes her physical form so she can access the full range of human experiences, which will help her learn to live and walk among us,” said David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics.

Aeolus Robots showed off their skills helping out with the mundane aspects of life. Superyacht crew new assistant can help rearrange furniture, putting away the dishes and cleaning floors.

And even Sony’s newest version of the robotic dog Aibo was revealed. Aibo latest update features artificial intelligence and internet connectivity. Owners can play Aibo remotely via a Smartphone. Aibo is equipped with a camera on its nose to recognise family members, as well as the ability to show various emotions.


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