CES is the self-proclaimed proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies, the show to witness next-generation innovations as they are introduced to the marketplace. But, based in Las Vegas, it’s not always possible for everyone in the superyacht industry to make it.

That’s why this January, Superyacht Technology News in alliance with Smart Technology Advisers will be reporting live from CES to bring you all the latest updates. Let’s kick off with the top technology trends predicted for 2018…

Top Trends for onboard and beyond

  • IoT – Up until recently, the main focus in the marketplace has been enhancing communication from person to machine. Now however, machine to machine communication is coming into play more and more, with many different types of technology set to adopt the trend.
  • Voice control – Forget pushing buttons, voice is now the official preferred method of communication with machinery. In 2018 some companies will take this one step further, with products featuring haptics (recreating the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user) and ‘brain-wave’ control set to hit the market.
  • Smart speakers – Had a 279% growth in sales in 2017. Seen as a gateway to other smart home products by consumers, it doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon.
  • AR – Will become bigger this year as the technology expands to new audiences. Whereas previously VR was seen as the business to consumer tool and AR was mostly used for business to business ventures, this is now changing. The release of  AR development kits on mobile platforms will enable this growth.

CES Top Trends 2018

Stay tuned to Superyacht Technology News for all the latest yacht tech innovations live from CES Las Vegas.

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