With the latest YachtEye update, this has a strong focus on the crew. Superyacht work is extremely dynamic and the crew need to be prepared for any situation at any given time. Informing guests with the correct information at the right moment is not only important, it is a necessity.  YachtEye’s latest features are designed to help crew members share valuable information with their guests faster and more easily.

Safety & Security
Safety is a key element on board. It is vital that all guests are aware of and informed about aware safety and security protocols. The option to create a Safety & Security section within the YachtEye ‘Welcome on board’ screen has now been integrated. This feature allows assigned crew to add supporting content such as personalised instruction videos and photographs of the crew members as well as any relevant information regarding safety, for example, escape routes or life jacket locations. As a result, guests can return to the information and instructions at any time and are therefore fully informed about what to do in case of an emergency.

Share stories on board
There are so many activities and events that guests can take part in. From a beautiful diving tour to the party of the year on an island. These unique experiences can be shared amongst onboard guests with YachtEye’s Gallery which supports not only photos but also videos. Ask your guests to share their underwater video footage and let YachtEye broadcast it for all the guests on board to enjoy!

Faster access to more information
When it comes to going ashore, the number of places to visit, highlights to see, activities to do and destinations to explore is immense.  It is the crew who are frequently asked for recommendations and information on what to do or see. As a tool for the crew to able to provide more comprehensive and detailed answers to those questions and as an added benefit for guests to enjoy, the YachtEye developers have created a new feature. Pre-selected websites can now be integrated into the YachtEye system meaning if the crew know where the guests like to go to, access to the exact website for that certain venue or event is available at everyone’s’ fingertips.

No more printed pages
On board of superyachts important information is often shared by means of printed pages. In a move to support a more digital-based solution for the crew, YachtEye now offers a ‘PDF files Module’. The system’s Central Messenger has been supporting short digital messages for some time but this new module enables further efficiency and a means of sharing information in digital format. The crew can share relevant information, such as daily activities, gastronomy of the day, images and work schedules, to all cabins so that guests know who is in charge and what is happening at any given time of the day.

YachtEye is available now, for more information contact Oculas Technology