The music industry is well and truly booming on superyachts, and no one knows this better than custom audio manufacturers California Audio Technology (CAT).

To the untrained eye the image above shows world-renowned DJ David Guetta chilling out on a yacht. But looking closer at what he is sat in front of, we see a CAT MBX Marine Ultra High Performance two channel speaker system. The system is specially crafted to be fully waterproof and weatherproof so it can sit outside on the deck, and is capable of hitting in excess of 130db from 20hz to 20khz +- 1/2db.

The Fat Joe album cover saw CAT collaborate with Heesen and VBH

CAT’s work also features on US rapper Fat Joe’s brand new solo cover ‘So Excited’, released only yesterday. The superyacht in the image Galactica Supernova was a project that the company completed last year in collaboration with Heesen Yachts and VBH. It has multiple areas of CAT Elite and CAT MBX systems, and so is capable of recreating night club sound levels and quality, but outdoors in a fully waterproof marine environment. This meant the boat was an obvious choice for hosting parties at last years MYS, with Heesen hosting multiple nights there.

For more than 22 years, CAT’s custom audio systems have been designed, engineered, installed, and on-site engineered/calibrated/tuned in elite recording/mix/playback studios, home theatres, outdoor venues, distributed audio systems, boardrooms, restaurants, nightclubs, superyachts, and large scale private aircraft throughout the world. With that in mind, we look forward to what this year’s MYS might hold.