Former chief designer for Sunreef Robert Blazebjak, now working independently, has a new design for 40-foot power catamaran runabout that he thinks could create a market for multihull tenders.

Catamaran tenders have been shunned by many for their boxier design and extra beam, which take up more storage space onboard than more traditional tenders. However, they have their benefits, including inherent stability, shallow draft, larger deck area and added performance. Blazebjak thinks his new design for a modern, sleeker cat could mean the industry starts to look at them in a whole new light.

What’s more, he argues that thanks to the transformable furniture arrangement and shared hull architecture his design, named the Code Breaker, could happily function as a superyacht tender or support vessel.

Ideal for use as a dive boat or people carrier, and featuring guest cabins in each of the hulls, it contains 75 sqm of living space into a design measuring just 12m LOA with a beam of 6m. Equipped with twin 320hp engines, it would be capable of speeds of over 30 knots; perfect for impressing any water-loving guests.

Blazejak is currently in talks with a shipyard to put his Code Breaker design into series production, so watch this space.