Videoworks, with over 20 years of experience, makes use of its know-how to listen to the client’s personal needs in order to create the best possible integration with the top-notch products on the market.

Nowadays, having an onboard domotic, audio/video and IT system represents one of the superyacht owner’s and guests’ main requests. Watching a soccer game on a big high-resolution monitor, listening to great music thanks to speakers that can guarantee a high-fidelity sound, having a party, controlling lights and curtains, managing multimedia contents and temperature and being able to safely and reliably surf the internet; these have all become must-haves of modern system integration.

This year, at the Monaco Yacht Show (27-30 September 2017), stand QS90 in DARSE SUD, Videoworks will unveil what’s hidden “behind the scenes” of the technological wonder we know as rack, making it for the first time the real protagonist of this year’s edition:


CISCO HYPERFLEX allows one to unlock the full potential of the hyper-convergent infrastructure. The knots combine elaboration, storage and networking functionalities in an easy-to use system that makes the IT infrastructure faster and more efficient, with an exceptional scalability.

The totally virtualized KERIO CONTROL: The Firewall and Anti-Virus solution that allows the client to manage the bandwidth speed and consumption and protects the onboard systems from viruses and intrusions.

The new KALEIDESCAPE “STRATO”: the finest 4K ultra HD high dynamic-range movie player. The “Encore” range “Strato” represents the best solution for cinema enthusiasts who want to relive the big screen experience onboard their yacht. Movies are downloaded from the network and stored on the hard disk (integrated on Strato itself or on the external Terra Movie Server). What’s really interesting is the movie’s quality: Ultra HD resolution up to 60 frames per second. Whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or time-honored classics, you’ll be able to watch uncompressed top-quality movies.


Concerning the sound, Videoworks steps into the market with the top of the line product made by James Loudspeaker for a never-before heard listening experience. The stand will have two bi-amplified Q60 freestanding speakers (power-soft with 4 channels of 1000 watts each) together with a QX620 speaker that redefines sound quality both in the indoor and outdoor areas. These premium speakers are totally made in Marine Grade aluminium (waterproof) and guarantee a strong and crystal-clear sound.


On the Video subject, Videoworks presents a totally new and innovative product. Two glass plates with a laminated film in between that, thanks to LCD polymerization and back-projection, is able to display sharp and high-quality images such as the ones of a full HD TV.


When you don’t need to watch a movie, the press of a single button makes the glass completely transparent. This is ideal for glass window installation and for doors that connect interiors and exteriors so that no transparency or space is lost.


The onboard experience and comfort is enhanced thanks to the new staff call system made by Call System Technology. We are talking about customizable integrated buttons (they can be made in leather, bronze, steel or brass) that are used to call the crew in any moment. The signal no longer arrives only on the iPad but also via radio (HF) with an immediate answer.

Dimmed lights with an Eldoled driver, for true experts, with hybrid adjustment, flicker free and stable dimming at 1%.

Press Release by Videoworks

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