WinTech Marine Intelligence was founded early 2019 to deliver to the world of Superyachting, the 21st-century technology in terms of operation and maintenance, fault prediction, Digital Twins, as well as the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The WinTech AI/ML platform enables meaningful operational decisions which help to extend the Superyacht longevity while reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The company was established by an entrepreneurial team from the fields of maritime, engineering and artificial intelligence, to promote a disruptive approach to the Superyacht operation and maintenance based on two levels of data sets; Predictive maintenance and RUL (Remaining Usable Life).

WinTech AI/ML open platform integrates all the available data from the existing ECU’s and Monitoring & Control systems, together with a vast array of IIoT based smart sensors that enable a complete view of the Superyacht systems. All gathered data logged into a structured depository/BIG DATA where the ML algorithms are developing knowledge and can offer Deep Learning and Predictions.

WinTech AI Machine Learning

Using the in-depth analysis, the advanced algorithms and AI, our platform mines the BIG DATA for valuable outputs which include: Proactive, Predictive and Preventive actions which can prevent faults before they occur.

WinTech platform delivers:

· Deep fault prediction insight

· Performance Optimization

· Reduction of TCO by optimizing the RUL and avoiding breakage

· Improves the Superyacht’s residual value and longevity

· Enables fully monitored extended warranty programs by the Shipyards

· Deliver knowledge to Shipyards, Naval Architects and Engineers to improve and enhance future designs.

WinTech does not “reinvent the wheel” – we are delivering cutting edge well-proven technologies for use in the Superyachting Industry. WinTech is focused exclusively in developing the exploration path required, by deploying highly experienced Data Scientist, Data Engineers, Cyber experts and Communication and Control engineers to create a cutting-edge platform that will be for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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