Editor’s review: A new app has launched into the services market, I have yet to test the MARKETPLACE function as this is paid and no free media test option was available. The App seems fairly straight forward as a services search engine, with geolocation and messaging. It is entering a market with strong competition from the likes of Yachting Pages and Yachtneeds. The question is what USP’s will make crew use YACHTING PLATFORM? It can be easy to get the crew to install the app with incentives like high-value prizes but my research certainly shows it’s hard to get engagement and push notifications are proven to result in one thing UNINSTALL. Time and the ongoing development will certainly tell if this will be popular App with the industry. However, to all these App’s the biggest competitor remains Google as Gerritt de Winter rightly points out.

Yacht Platform

Yacht owners, captains and crew are structurally searching via Google or other possibilities for companies to deliver the products or services desired by the Yacht. It often appears that companies are not available to meet these needs. The result is a frustrating search for products and services that also takes an enormous amount of time.

“After many discussions with captains and chief engineers and further research, we knew for sure that a lot of time and frustration could be saved” says Gerrit de Winter of Yachting Platform. He continues: “Yachting Platform is developed as a search application that makes it possible to search for companies that are available at the right time and place for the products and services needed”.

The Yachting Platform App is very simple. After activation of your registering as a company or crew you can start immediately. Companies can add their products or services and submit their location(s) and date range. Owners, captains and crew can search for products or services on the location and date range they want and select the available companies to meet the needs. Moreover, Yachting Platform has developed the Marketplace. “Yachts can also place their requests on our marketplace. This allows companies to determine themselves whether they can realize it and can send them direct messages and communicate quickly in-app. The problem is solved in no time”. According to Gerrit de Winter of Yachting Platform.

The new App from Yachting Platform will save owners, captains and crew a lot of time and frustration due to the availability. Companies can present themselves as an available supplier and respond quickly to requests from the marketplace. We conclude: availability is key!