If we want to get a little creative with our choice of Tenders, how about something with a more futurist twist? Airbus partnered with Italdesign and during the Geneva International Motor Show, they unveiled ’Pop.Up.’ A modular, fully electronic, zero emissions, driver-less vehicle that can both drive and fly.

Airbus and Italdesign plans for Pop.Up to be controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Passengers can summon the vehicle on demand with use of an app, the idea is creating a more efficient way to ferry passengers and guests.

“Today, automobiles are part of a much wider eco-system: if you want to design the urban vehicle of the future, the traditional car cannot alone be the solution for megacities,” Astalosch said. “In the next years ground transportation will move to the next level and from being shared, connected and autonomous it will also go multi-modal and moving into the third dimension.”

Although Airbus and Italidesign believes that this is a feasible concept, modern technology is evolving at a dramatic pace and it would not be long until we see vehicle from the road to the skies.