ISE visitors stop and stare as they walk past Valo Motion’s stand, and for good reason; this year the Finnish game developer is showcasing the world’s first interactive Augmented Climbing Wall game platform. Built using ‘active play technology’, the platform is aimed at everyone, from very young children to serious climbers. The company’s aim is to allow everyone to have an amazing time whilst getting fit.

Valo Motion currently has its sights set on land-based entertainment centres, fitness & climbing gyms and indoor playgrounds as key areas of use. However, the company would be wise not to overlook the superyacht market. Afterall, owners tend to be early adopters of new technology, constantly searching for the latest and best toy to impress their families and guests. Requiring a climbing wall to get started it is not exactly just a plug-and-play installation, but for those who are interested, Refit could be the time to turn a wall of the yacht’s gym area into a climbing one. Then, once you have a climbing wall in place, all you need is the easy-to-setup kit provided by the company to get started.

With a range of games and tasks to appeal to everyone, we foresee this could work particularly well for charters, where different guests are constantly coming aboard demanding premium new technology and entertainment. Think of it a special kind of cinema room, with the added bonus of getting fit whilst you enjoy it.

Look out for our full roundup of ISE in our Future Tech edition, out at the end of the month.

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