An anticipated electric boat has taken flight, ahead of serial production.  Candela C-8 promises to revolutionise waterborne transports, thanks to its unique combination of long all-electric range, high speed and industry-first features. After 16 months of intense development, it took off from the cold waters outside the Swedish tech company’s headquarters at Lidingö, Stockholm.

After reaching the designed take-off speed of 16 knots, the Candela C-8 prototype P-01 lifted off smoothly and flew noiselessly above the water at a cruise speed of 20 knots. The C-8’s range and performance USP are due to the computer-controlled foiling system that drastically reduces drag and flies above the waves delivering an eerily smooth ride.

A typical planing hull runs with a 4:1 lift-to-drag ratio, whereas Candela claims its actively stabilised C-8 has a 20:1 lift advantage, more than any other e-foiler yet built.

C-8 flies above the waves in absolute silence, merging advanced aircraft technology with software and electronics. Consuming just a fraction of the energy conventional boats use, C-8 is the first true long-range electric cruiser.

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