There’s a new ceramic coating company in the Med. CeraShield delivers the application and removal of ceramic coatings on paint, glass and stainless steel on superyachts, offering a two-year warranty as a mark of confidence that it can prolong the life of paint. Opening for business last year, this addition to the market points to a growing demand for the convenience of the new coating technology.

It is said that ceramic coatings take approximately a fifth of the time and a third of the cost of a respray – plus negate the need for expensive and laborious haul outs, scaffolding and tenting. Applications can be conducted while the yacht is in the water, meaning much less hassle for the owner and captain.

In July, we covered yacht finishing developments and mentioned ceramic pioneer Zytexx, who claim their product enhances longevity, glossiness and ease of cleaning. At the time of writing, it was proudly stated that that particular brand of ceramic coating had been used on over 90 boats in the Mediterranean, with more elsewhere. However, with ceramic coating becoming a firm industry favourite, we predict that soon it will be unusual not to have had a ceramic application on your superyacht.

Watch our video to see how ceramic coating is applied.