Crestron has been demonstrating its new voice control solution, with its partnership with Amazon, Crestron can now leverage Alexa Voice Service to build controlled scene that is fully adaptable to superyacht owners lifestyle.

Alexa can control music, lights, shades, temperature, video distribution and further designs that Crestron may provide.

“Crestron customers expect a truly integrated home technology experience. We’ve been collaborating very closely with Amazon Alexa engineers to make sure we offer an uncompromising voice control experience that is every bit as seamless and satisfying as tapping a button on a beautiful Crestron touch screen, remote control, or designer keypad. You can ask Alexa to set the mood for dinner or to play a movie in the bedroom, or let her know it’s too cold in the bathroom. Just say the word and your Crestron system responds immediately.” – John Clancy, VP of Residential Systems at Crestron

Of course, voice control is no new piece of technology, but it may be the first to more variety of control, so we are excited to see Alexa with Crestron’s twist, but let’s look at the other possibilities of voice control technology.

Cubic Robotics

Cubic Robotics enables you to manage your devices and apps by syncing with lots of smart systems in your yacht and with your Android or Apple phones. Cubix Robotics is designed to be a little more like your personal assistant than other gadgets. Cubic can switch on lights, sends emails, tell you the weather or even send a tweet.


Homey is a more stylish design, it’s a glowing orb that connects to all your devices so you can manage them. Homey adjusts to light switches, thermostats, coffee machine and even smart TV. Homey currently works with over 20,000 devices and that number grows every day.

Sony SmartWatch 3

From arranging reservations to weather to even directions, you can play music or monitor your fitness; everything you may need and it’s just on your wrist – handy!

Vocca Light

Vocca is a creative little light switch that can turn any lightbulb into a voice-activated one. You can connect it to a mobile app to manage your light bulbs so you can schedule your lights on and off and even control them with your voice.

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