The Intellian s100HD WorldView is a 1m dual-band antenna system providing global coverage of Ku-Band Satellites through the simultaneous reception of a trio of DIRECTV Ka- and Ku-bands.

The need to manually change out LNBs every time you pass into a new satellite service area is eliminated as the WorldView Trio LNB module automatically selects each satellite as you travel. Owners, guests and crew can enjoy any satellite TV service by simply selecting the correct satellite from a drop-down menu and connecting the corresponding receiver. The LNB will then automatically find the correct polarization and local frequency for the satellite service provider.

The s100HD WorldView antenna system with its triple feed horn simultaneously receives signals from two DIRECTV Ka-Band satellites and one DIRECTV Ku-Band satellite. This allows uninterrupted viewing of all DIRECTV HD channels.

Watch the company’s explanation video for more information.