We meet up with Justin Kiel the original sales manager for WASSP Multibeam sonar to present their product.

WASSP Multibeam sonar provides you with a wide-angle 120 port-starboard view of the seafloor and water column,  a system to create a map of the seafloor in areas where you would want more detail. With real-time viewing it enables you to make on the spot decisions.

The system instantly locates underwater debris or structures that may pose a hazard, and determine their precise size, shape and position.

WASSP equipped the system with an optional 3D visualisation software that allows you to record your runs and overlay them onto charts to build up a comprehensive seafloor and water column map – all in high-resolution 3D and rotatable for viewing from different angles.

WASSP is designed to be quick to learn and simple to operate on the water. It is easy to use so you do not need to be a technology expert to get the best results.

Once you use WASSP there’s no going back to a ‘single-beam only’ sonar system.

‘I was blind and now I can see.’ Trevor Burkart. Lobster Fisherman