Gibbs Quadski

Blurring the lines between water and land-based toys, the Gibbs Quadski is a true amphibian. It’s equally agile on land and water. A simple touch of a switch retracts the wheels after entering the water and deploys them again when approaching land. The Quadski can reach speeds of 45mph on both land and water making for an exhilarating ride. Gibbs is the pioneering global leader in High-Speed Amphibian technology; the Quadski redefines the idea of freedom, flexibility and fun.

Vintage electric bikes

These gorgeous bikes combine cutting edge technology with beautiful craftsmanship. Timeless and built to last for generations, these bikes are certain to turn heads whenever you’re in port. Each model draws inspiration from a different era, the Tracker is inspired by World War One era motordrome racers, while the Cruz is a classic California cruiser and the Scrambler recalls a time when ‘adventures and wheelies were all that mattered’. Behind the stylish good looks is state of the art features like Schwalbe tyres woven with KevlarGuard, a bullet stopping, robust material that protects against flats, Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes, and a patent pending aluminium battery box that land ahoy!

Polaris Ranger

These hard-working all-terrain utility vehicles are made for off-road fun. Polaris produces the number one sport performance side-byside vehicles in the world. The great ground clearance, smooth ride and impressive handling all mean you can take on any terrain with confidence. Fuelled by relentless innovation and a passion for the ultimate off-road experience, these really are go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles!

KTM bikes

KTM bikes are about more than just the bike, as a brand they dominate the off-road motorbike scene, especially in the US, sponsoring high-profile events and riders. This makes their mountain bikes a natural choice for anyone who knows KTM motorbikes and wants to buy into the brand. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Austria, KTM mountain bikes look great and have that wow-factor.

Cruise sub

Meanwhile, under rather than on the water, the Cruise Sub is making an impression. A true-James Bond style piece of kit, the Cruise Sub from U-Boat Worx is a submersible for five or more people. Acrylic spheres at each end of the sub mean that everyone has the same intimate, panoramic experience and the best views of the underwater environment. Rotating thrusters provide very precise and efficient control of the sub in every direction. With a maximum depth of 1,140m, the Cruise Sub takes exploring to a whole other level.

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