Even superyacht guests would want to find some time to hit the gym. When the sun is shining, you’re sailing across the ocean and you have that 8 am spin-class, it feels such a waste to ignore that morning light.

Schiller has invented a perfect solution to step out of the superyacht gym, burn those unwanted calories and still enjoy those surrounding. Que the Schiller water-bike! Schiller believes that the ocean is meant for biking and strives to bring all athletic abilities in a unique cycling experience.

Schiller bikes have been carefully designed to provide sustainability and protect the marine environment. This water-bike is constructed with marine grade alloys, durable urethane coated outdrive, and solid pontoons. This lightweight bike takes less than 10 minutes to setup and takes very little space; perfect to snap up for the superyacht toy collection.

The video shows the Schiller’s bike in action and a quick demonstration on setting the bike up. You’ll be ready to cycle the seas in no time!

Check out Schiller’s Bike