In our latest edition of Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine, we looked at a new SIM solution; FlexiSIM.

The Issue

We are all aware of the issues that surround connectivity for owners, captains, and crew in the white yacht sector. Research by Voyager IP, an Irish marine telecoms specialist, revealed that monthly 3G/4G usage costs of $500 – $1300 (£400 – £1050) are standard for this sector.

Many users have six or twelve-month contracts that require upfront commitment, regardless of how much data will be consumed. The only alternative was to buy replacement packs of PAYG data sim cards at major ports, which was expensive and inefficient.

Voyager IP saw the potential for a more contemporary and cost effective approach and partnered with Digicel to develop FlexiSIM, the first 3G/4G/LTE reloadable data sim card for white yachts and other leisure craft.  FlexiSIM cards are ‘topped up’ via an online portal on the Voyager IP website, allowing users, for the first time, to ‘pay as they use’ for data connectivity.

What is FlexiSIM?

FlexiSIM is the first 3G/4G/LTE data sim card for the white yacht market. It puts users in full control of their connectivity by offering the flexibility to pay for 3G/4G/LTE as they go, topping up via an easy to use web portal on the Voyager IP website.

Mark Elliott, managing director of Voyager IP, said, “Until the launch of FlexiSIM, connectivity solutions for white yachts and other leisure craft were outdated, expensive and inconvenient. FlexiSIM puts customers in full control of their own costs.”

The FlexiSIM cards will be sold in the Caribbean at the very competitive rate of US$10 (£8) per gigabyte.

Changes to EU legislation, expected in June 2017, will require service providers to reduce their roaming charges. Mark Elliott commented, “It would make sense for 3G/4G users not to commit to any long-term fixed price contracts until the impact of the upcoming EU legislation changes are felt.”

Declan Cassidy, chief executive office, Digicel Diaspora Miami, added, “We are happy to partner with Voyager IP as it gives us the opportunity to address an important need. This is a top quality, yet cost-effective connectivity solution for our growing base of marine clients in the Caribbean.”

  1. Crew
    Drop me on the mess table, create a hotspot and let everyone use me.
    For 1 Gb with FlexiSIM, you will receive 4 hours of Skype Video Calls or 22 hours of Spotify music, or 5.5 hours of Youtube or 1 hour of Netflix.
  2. Captain
    The Captain can control the top up for guests and crew connectivity. Easy to do, and everybody is happy.
    FlexiSIM allows owners and management companies to have complete multi-user and multi vessel-cost control, while at the same time keeping both guests and crew connected.
  3. Yacht 

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