Docked at the harbour or setting sail, the lasting sun may be perfect for the tan, but not so great for the superyacht interior – or even for captains navigation duties or guests. The sun is at its strongest whilst at sea and UV damage can be dangerous so there are several ways to protect those on board and the interior.

SG Gliders have introduced the world’s first Type Approved yacht solar screen which provides a great solution to extreme heat and glare. IT can reduce solar glare by up to 93% and rejects 83% of solar energy.

Solarglide produced a variety of marine blinds for superyachts that can eliminate the sun’s glare and harmful UV radiation – important for improving visibility for your captain and crew through navigational windows. The variety of Solarglide Solar screen that is available can vary depending on the level of comfort or efficiency. Solarglide has even introduced solar panelled roll down blinds, giving them its own dependency and efficiency.

Over time, superyacht owners, captains, crew, and guests have always been aware of the issue with sun’s glare – so technology such as anti-glare sunscreens is not a new piece of technology, but one that can really develop. Safe operation of superyachts and other marine vessels is essential to ensure that there is an incident free workplace. The effect of using anti-glare sunscreens or even very thin anti-glare foil is similar putting on sunglasses and still having that clear view.

SOLASOLV anti-glare sunscreens can reduce up to 93% of glare and reflection from the sun, and although we see more superyacht venturing to the colder parts of the world, their screens are also effective at rejecting glare that reflects ice, snow, and low winter sun.

Sola-cure antiglare blinds can cater for all parts of the marine industry, from navigation windows to aviation to shipyards.