Excellent service and unrivaled privacy are at the core of the GEST service call system, easily enabled with a simple WiFi connection. GEST’s high-end service call button comes in a range of ultra-chic designs to fit any interior design and can be used to make efficient and secure service calls on a yacht or large luxury residence or hotel.

The button can change colour so that the crew and clients know what stage the request is at and that the owner or guest request is being dealt with. The system is available in a portable option and built-in option available. If a portable option is used, Bluetooth can scan for beacons so that it knows which room it is.

The next iteration of the Gest system is a multi-touch button, with requests so that the crew can know the primary needs of the caller, providing an even smarter way of interacting with the crew.   The app is currently available on IOS, with an Android version currently in development.

GEST is offered by YachtCloud.  To find out more about YachtCloud read our interview with Andre Klepper, Founder of YachtCloud here.

You can also stay up to date with YachtCloud and all its products at the following locations:  YachtCloud Website, LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.