Women in technology have got to be one of the most overused terms used by media seeking to portray themselves as forward thinking. So you can imagine my hesitance in using this term in Superyacht Technology. However if ever this term should bring nodes of affirmation from all my industry peers who know her, Julie Clark truly is an example of a woman who holds her own in a sector dominated by men.

I have personally known Julie for a decade, more recently I met Amy the next generation who has through her own merit carved a place of respect at Savage Marine Lighting. In fact, it is with Amy I would like to start.

When Amy asked her mum if she could come and work for her Julie said “No, go and get some real experience and then we can talk” not only did Amy get this experience but she went on to complete a business degree before joining Savage Marine. Amy displays confidence and commercial understanding beyond her years. You can see this in her METS interview we filmed in 2016.

Julie has been known for delivering what she promises on time and to the highest standard, something that is rare in an industry that often combines overpromising with last minute demands to cut install times to meet owners charter or launch expectations.

I think I will let the interview speak for its self, however, will be doing a series over the next 3 months on lighting looking at

  • Manufacturing process
  • Lighting design
  • Upcoming trends

In addition to our upcoming video tour of the manufacturing facility, we will be offering a unique VR tour of the Savage Lighting offices.

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