In late 2016 PAL Robotics spoke that they are launching a new humanoids robot call TALOS which is for industry tasks. TALOS will be an advanced electrical high-performance humanoid robot. TALOS is now available!

TALOS missions are to assist in those tasks susceptible to damage the worker’s health. It is ready to tackles complex industrial tasks and can carry 6KG payload with each arm.

TALOS understands English and can speak 9 languages. It is said to be reliable, flexible, easy to move and can carry out heavy tasks such as drilling.

TALOS is great for research on:
– Walking and whole-body control
– Grasping
– Object and face recognition, people detection
– Obstacle avoidance
– Place Recognition with Multimapping
– Autonomous Navigation in crowded environments
– Stereo Vision and Point Cloud Perception
– Visual Servoing
– Multilanguage speech generation and recognition
– Human Robot Interaction
– Machine and Deep Learning
– Advanced manufacturing