A new hover-speedboat, named Quadrofoil Q2, has come to market after an intensive four?year development period. The boat includes a range of innovative features such as advanced hydrofoil technology and a patented steering system, with its Slovenian designers describing it as one of the most agile and responsive watercraft available today.

The toy has C?Shape hydrofoils, which allow the user to rise above the surface of the water at just over 12 km/h (6.5 knots) and cut through the waves with complete ease. Aluminium alloy is exclusively used in the construction, making the foils extra light, super strong and highly corrosion resistant.

The Q2’s high performance trimaran hull shape offers stability, hydro and aerodynamics and easy handling when airborne. The lightweight modular hull is made from composite materials, and the company claim it is almost unsinkable due to its airtight top module.

On the inside too, a lot of thought has gone in to its creation. Designers say they were inspired by the automotive industry, which guided them in developing a high?end ergonomic cockpit.

Potentially the biggest pull for superyacht owners may be the freedom to use it wherever you want; from seas, lakes and rivers to eco?zones. Due to its battery powered electric motor, the Q2 does not produce noise, waves or emissions, enabling users to ride it in areas where most motor boats are not allowed. This means the possibility of exploring areas of extreme beauty that they may not have been able to previously.

Quadrofoil is currently delivering the first 100 purchases of the toy, with the Q2 available to buy from a number of worldwide dealers.