YachtEye is the unique visual infotainment platform for guests and owners on board the most exclusive superyachts. The system intuitively shares valuable insights about the journey, the stay on board and the environment. Interact with YachtEye is possible via TV, touchscreens and iPads.

Tech Facts

The system is supplied as a compact 19” rackmount unit that only requires a NMEA signal in order to have the YachtEye TV channel up and running. An internet connection gives additional functionality to the system such as global map coverage, realtime data and our monitoring & support services.

The system generates a FullHD 1080p video signal over DVI or HDMI. Routed via a matrix system, the video signal is duplicated and distributed shipwide. For standalone installations YachtEye can be connected to a display directly. The YachtEye Portable application running on the iPads receives its information via the onboard Wi-Fi.

For control over the interface and menus, YachtEye can be integrated with various control systems such as Crestron and AMX-systems: just request our API. Multitouch operation is possible when integrated with TUIO-compatible touchscreens.

In order to maintain operational continuity, it is required to have YachtEye powered via a UPS.

Customize your YachtEye

By using less text and more visuals, we created a universal infotainment system made to be customised with personal content. To start we integrate a 3D model of the yacht and place this on the globe in YachtEye. The system has various features which contribute to the onboard experience of guest and owner and helps crew to explain more about the journey and the yacht.

Welcome on board: Welcome your guests on board and make them familiar with the yacht. The system can show the history and unique features of the yacht, introduce the crew and visually introduce the safety procedures to your guests.

Itinerary: Upload pictures, video and text to a specific tagged location on the map of a highlight or destination. Subsequently, multiple personalised itineraries can be created and displayed by linking the tagged locations by route lines. Combining visual information, ETA’s and distances, the Itinerary feature provides guest with both inspiration and information.

Gallery: YachtEye features Gallery which can be used to host and display and type of uploaded visual content, such as photos and videos of memorable trips or evenings, places visited or aquatic activities captured during the day. It is also possible to integrate PDF files to communicate more content (brochure of an exposition). and pre-selected website to have faster more information on hand.

Weather: Weather reports and forecasts are presented on their geographical location through YachtEye. You can add favourites and watch weekly forecast of any place on earth.

Tender tracking: TenderTracker not only enables you to see the exact location of the yacht’s tenders and toys but can also act as a tool to provide information on the arrival time of guests. The position of each trackable nautical accessory is visually represented in the YachtEye system for example by a 3D model of the jetskis or limousine. TenderTracker uses a signal provided by a Seetrac device or another similar 3rd party product, it is also possible to track tenders that have an AIS transmitter.

Ship tracking: Nearby vessels which transmit AIS messages are represented in the YachtEye system at their location. The information included in the messages is also presented, such as the name of the vessel and their destination. Pre-determined and selected vessels can have their own ‘locate’ button within YachtEye to enable the user to quickly find and display their current location on the map.

Makkah Pointer: This module provides the actual and real-time direction to Makkah relative to the position of the earth and the orientation of the yacht, even when sailing. Furthermore, it provides the Salah times coordinated to the local time zone for the yacht.

YachtEye is a product of Oculus Technologies BV.