Over 230 yachts and counting… The Blueprint Summer 2019

Editors Note:

It’s a been a very interesting journey getting to know Speedcast. They recently appointed one of the most respected figures in the VSAT superyacht sector Kerry Pettitt to head up the superyacht division. What surprised me most is that Speecast was being so widely used by established integrators and already on over 230 yachts. In other sectors, they have delivered 1Gig speeds and are racing towards the first 1Gig Superyachts. I really believe that in a crowded market sometimes it is those who shout the least that are truly only heard by the silence in satisfaction of the many yachts using the Speedcast service.

That’s why I’m making Speedcast my ONE TO WATCH for 2019 VSAT

So here is the Speedcast Blueprint for summer 2019. 

Speedcast Blueprint

Speedcast and the world of maritime connectivity are synonymous. Since the company’s establishment in 1999, it has grown to become a communications giant with a global reach that serves customers in a variety of different sectors including maritime, energy, government, enterprise, mining, telecommunications, NGOs and media.

Yachting: A Growing Sector

The yachting sector is key for the Speedcast team and, with over 200 yachts currently utilising the Speedcast service, it’s also a growing one. Yacht owners and operators are looking for a flawless communications experience. No matter where they happen to operate their vessels, connectivity must be available that offers an equivalent to that which they can access in the office or at home. Speedcast provides the flexible and comprehensive high-speed satellite connectivity and entertainment solutions that luxury yacht owners demand. The company’s robust global multi-beam network offers additional VSAT capacity over the busiest yachting areas delivering speeds up to 150Mbps.

The right solution – not the only solution

Speedcast’s solutions are completely technology agnostic, which means that they are designed purely for the customer to meet their exacting requirements. Therefore, whether the solution employs star or mesh topology, terrestrial or maritime connectivity, the customer knows that the very best fit for their needs is always the priority.

Control in the owner’s hands

Speedcast is focused on giving control back to the yacht owner and has therefore developed Speedcast Bandwidth On Demand, a highly flexible service that eliminates costly bandwidth contracts and allows the user to pay only for what is used. Speedcast Bandwidth on Demand offers a portfolio of new subscription plans for the superyacht market. This innovative service provides the flexibility that yacht owners and captains demand, giving them short-term, unlimited usage, and quick bandwidth upgrades and downgrades. Speedcast Bandwidth On Demand simplifies communications, removes lengthy contract committal, and will attract more customers to enjoy seamless, reliable connectivity at sea. Speedcast is to be the first service provider in the Superyacht market to offer bandwidth-on-demand requirements which are controllable from board the yacht.

Speedcast has already delivered a record breaking 3.174Gbps to a cruise vessel and in the future also looks forward to providing connectivity to the first yacht with bandwidth requirements of up to 1Gbps. The power of the Speedcast solution means that the company can already fulfil this level of demand and is ready to do so as soon as the need arises.

Always innovating

Speedcast is a company that never stands still. It is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptional connectivity services, everywhere. Its forward-thinking philosophy and its commitment to getting it absolutely right for the customer combine to make the company the go-to choice for the demanding superyacht sector.

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Kerry Pettitt
Director Superyacht