It’s no secret that CELLweaver’s manufacturing is always to the highest standards. The one of a kind proprietary technology, brainchild of CEO Wilko Darger, allows users to achieve an ultra-fast, reliable and secure internet connection onboard superyachts by aggregating a quadruple encrypted 4G signal.

But where and how this unique technology is built has always remained somewhat a mystery. Exactly what is the manufacturing process behind the industry’s most talked-about connectivity solution? Superyacht Technology News investigates…

Watch out for our CELLweaver Supercharged documentary, which will reveal all about the next generation CELLweaver product – coming soon.


DIN EN 9100:2016 certified

Built in a DIN EN 9100:2016 certified facility.

This means that CELLweaver is manufactured in a facility which meets aircraft industry requirements. It is allegedly the only manufacturing facility in Northern Germany that has completed this process successfully.


Precision-Machined Aluminium

The CELLweaver frame is made of precision-machined aluminium with a high-class look and feel.


Robust Components

Each CELLweaver is carefully assembled with robust industry-grade component parts.


Rigorous Testing

Each CELLweaver is carefully tested against every possible situation before it is carefully packaged and shipped to the client.


R&D Priority

Research and Development is always ongoing. In fact, the next generation CELLweaver will provide increased coverage (over geographical regions) and bandwidth. The company has also considered client feedback in developing the CELLweaver software even further, including user interface and “behind the scenes” technology. Look out for its launch at the end of April! (An upgrade path will be available for existing clients).


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