The Challenge

The Black Pearl represents the first in a new generation of superyachts and her launch, late last year, was hotly anticipated by yacht market watchers. Build by Netherlands-based builder Oceanco, the luxury yacht is 106.7 metres in length and accommodates up to 12 guests. The vessel is easily distinguishable by its three 70 metre carbon fibre masts and incorporates forward-thinking, eco-friendly design. This is a superyacht at the very cutting edge that incorporates the latest in technology to deliver the finest on-board experience. For the owner, it is absolutely critical that communications on board are of the highest possible calibre. Reliable, enterprise-grade connectivity that supports the full range of IP communications including high-bandwidth applications such as video conferencing and web streaming are essential as well as on-board television services that will operate no matter where the yacht happens to be.

The Solution
As a pioneer of the maritime satellite antenna market, Intellian has a wealth of experience working in the superyacht market and has developed a plethora of innovative new products to meet its rigorous demands. The company was the first to introduce a tri-band, multi-orbit antenna system, enabling connectivity in any frequency band and utilising any satellite constellation in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) or Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Intellian provided two satellite antenna systems on two Black Pearl yachts to enable IP connectivity and also TV services.
In order to fulfil the requirement for connectivity on board, the v-Series v100 was selected due to its flexibility and smart design. The v100 is a 1 metre Ku-band to Ka-band convertible maritime stabilized antenna and provides access to the super-fast, Global Xpress (GX)
Ka-band high throughput satellite service from Inmarsat. The system is easily and rapidly upgraded without replacing the reflector or the radome and without a specialised engineer in just three simple steps taking under 10 minutes. Both are designed to deliver superior performance in both Ku- and Ka-band and therefore deliver an increased return on investment.

The customer could rely on the proven track record of the v100, which has been installed on all vessel types and across many geographic regions and is used widely by hundreds of operators on a global scale. The antenna’s innovative design provides unparalleled performance and  accommodates the wide range of IP services required on board the superyachts of today, delivering an
office at sea, exceptional efficiencies and a connectivity experience that equals that of on land.To address the requirement for TV services on board the Black Pearl, Intellian also deployed the t130W system, part of the t-series of antennas which are the only commercial marine satellite antennas compatible with programming signals in all world markets. The system incorporates the WorldView™ Low Noise Block-Down Converter (LNB) and receiver, enabling the antenna system to provide DVB-S2 digital TV reception giving captains, officers, crew and their guests the ability to enjoy entertainment at sea just like on shore. The t130W offers stability, accuracy and greater signal sensitivity, delivering a virtually limitless selection of Standard and High Definition content. Moreover, the system allows seamless switching as the vessel moves from region to region due to its multi-frequencies and auto-polarized design. The t130W is designed and tested to excel in all sea states and weather conditions and to withstand vibration, resonance frequency, as well as extreme shock.

 Dual antennas on each of the masts are connected together with an Intellian Mediator switching between antennas if one becomes blocked by the mast. Intellian developed a unique solution to track the mast rotation, ensuring the antennas stay connected at all times, even when the masts rotate.

The Results

Intellian was able to provide the Black Pearl with a flexible, highly reliable service that can withstand the rigours of the maritime environment whilst providing a full suite of seamless communications and TV services no matter where in the world the yacht is travelling. Intellian’s products blend in with the yacht design, are easily maintained and each product is backed up by a 3-year warranty. Intellian recognises that, for yacht owners, highly reliable connectivity whilst at sea is essential. The company’s extensive knowledge of the superyacht market and its unique requirements coupled with an innovative and future-proof approach enabled the team to find the perfect solution for the customer’s needs and to deliver state-of-the art connectivity for this state-of-the-art superyacht.