Intersat has already proven their satellite technology is something Superyacht owners to be excited about; Intersat owns and operates the biggest satellite, teleport and fibre infrastructure in the world. However, they have something bigger to be happy about.

Intersat is introducing ‘Intelsat Epic NG’. This is a high performance, next generation satellite platform that brings global high-throughput technology and still maintains user control. This year, Intelsat is hoping to launch 3 more EpicNG satellites, and a fourth launch later in 2018.

The satellite allows broadband, media, mobility and government organisation to realise the cost-efficiency of using existing hardware, as well as increasing the control in which organisation can build on their success by offering their end-user customised and differentiated solutions.

“The experience of implementing Intelsat EpicNG and bringing it to our customers has affirmed our beliefs about the potential of HTS. We have a dynamic, open and evolving platform that will increase in capability over time, providing a technology hedge for our customers who need to make investments today on which they can build for a decade of growth. Intelsat is delivering on the promise of HTS, and our design and strategy will advance our vision of unlocking access to new, larger and faster growing sectors for Intelsat and our customers.” – Intelsat CEO Stephen Spengler.