In Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine, we feature ETO X; The Anonymous Voice of the Industry. Peter, NOC Manager from OmniAccess responds to “Summer is on the horizon again, let the pre-season rituals begin!”

Our Support organisation, housed in our Network Operations Center, is at the very heart of our service providing activities. Many of our engineers being boating enthusiasts themselves, we pride ourselves in understanding the very high demanding wants and needs of today’s yacht owners. We also strongly believe in a personal approach, and going the extra (nautical) mile, both of which -among others- are core values that made it possible for us to be successful in this market in the first place. One of our biggest objectives therefore is to stay true to these values even whilst growing.

And staying true to our roots is daily practice.

Like in any high-tech Industry that goes through a rapid expansion however it also throws some challenges at us. Gaining thorough experience sometimes falls behind on the expansion rate itself.

These challenges have been recognised and acknowledged though before they should lead to real issues. For this, we have dramatically expanded our support team over the last years, where senior members that were in the company since the early days help mentor the newer ones and oversee the entire process.

We have also professionalised our internal training program. Our NOC engineers are trained and certified in a wide scope of topics ranging from IT, Networking and RF to Satcoms. The success of this program has even made it become worthy of exporting it to the market. Our in-house “VSAT essentials training course” is already a success.

We’ve invested heavily in equipment (from spectrum analysers to monitoring tools) as well as leading ITSM/CRM systems improving efficiency in our multi-tiered incident handling processes as well as in our organisational structures.

In short, all these activities are aimed at keeping us working at what we do best.

We concentrate on providing a world class service because we remained focused and specialised on this niche market.

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