New SatMax app from satellite services provider Excelerate promises to solve the problem of losing VSAT and Satellite TV connections at sea, improving owner/guest experience and shrinking crew workload.

SatMax allows users to see where their VSAT and TV antennas are pointing and whether they have clear line of sight. It not only tells you if you have connectivity, but also explains why you don’t if there is none. The app presents a fingertip visualisation from your location of what the antennas are doing, how they are tracking, whether they have line of sight issues and therefore whether you have or are unlikely to get connectivity.

This should mean no more complaining to your service provider about their network just to find out that the only issue is the signal; blocked by the mast or another obstruction. Likewise, if it is a technical issue you can feel confident in calling out the engineer to fix it. Everyone’s time is more efficiently spent.

Excelerate is a well-established provider of satellite services within private yachting

SatMax’s features seem to exceed those of a typical mediator. It has the standard ability to switch between the same satellite ensuring no loss of connection, but on top of this it can allow two or more antennas to receive from two or more satellites. Users should get the increased resilience of a mediator, with the added benefit of potentially more TV channels plus bonded broadband from multiple bearers.

Excelerate claims that the only limitation to using Satellite for Internet or TV connectivity is line of sight, drawing on ongoing experience of supplying and managing VSAT networks. So the app helps you navigate around the only thing between you and smooth connectivity. It works on any yacht, from those with single VSAT and SatTV antennas (or even just one or the other) to yachts with multiple of both. What’s more, it is the perfect tool for busy, overstretched crew. The company believe the SatMax app can be used by even the least technically minded person, wherever they are on the yacht.

Excelerate is best-known for pioneering rapidly deployable, independent and resilient broadband via satellite in the emergency services sector. However, the company is now a well-established provider of satellite services within private yachting. It provides a range of end-to-end marine solutions covering; communications, navigation, safety & security, IT & AV integration and more. A range of impressive testimonials follow its expansion, and we expect the new Satmax app to further build on this.