Skytech’s new agreement with Intelsat means they will soon be able to provide worldwide coverage for the Epic Ku band

Using antennas of 50cm and 75cm, Skytech will soon be able to offer worldwide coverage and airtime services all over the world, at speeds of up to 10Mbs. The company’s 50 and 75cm antennas can also be supplied for Ka bands using the European T-7 satellite, at speeds up to more than 20Mbs.

With these two solutions, customers can now choose exactly the right option for them from the Skytech range, related to their sailing area. In addition, Skytech is now producing the 75cm dual band antenna, which means that customers may have both solutions on board.

The new Intelsat satellites are currently undergoing alignment tests, and the service is forecast to be available in the late Spring of 2018.

Skytech’s technology is continuously evolving, reaching top levels around the world in the professional and military fields. Stay tuned for updates, as Skytech is working to develop a new service with the Gulf governments, due to be announced at the end of the currently running Dubai Air Show.