Arguably the hottest topic in the superyacht industry, the connectivity market is filled with fierce competition. In order to stay prominent in today’s complex and competitive scenario of satellite communication, companies must adhere to the highest technological standards and work within close synergy with leading satellite providers.


Increasingly strong demands and growing needs for broadband and ultra-broadband services have seen the development of a range of high-performance VSAT equipment with highly advanced features, leading up to Ka-band. Market-leaders like the Italian Skytech have already operated these terminals successfully for a number of years, with incredible gain, tracking power and unfaltering connectivity even in the most severe environmental conditions.


However, Skytech knows that in the yachting world it can never get complacent. The company is constantly evolving to keep its leadership status, and as such is always creating new solutions relating to hardware, airtime and IT services. Intrigued to see how military-grade, ultra-flexible solutions could be attainable for your yacht? Read on…



  • Skytech Yachting’s VSAT antennas, developed thanks to Skytech’s experience in military, government and airborne fields, are available in a complete size range from 30 cm up to 150 cm Dish diameter, including Phased Array technology.
  • The company’s VSAT antennas are available in both Ku and Ks Band, as well as in Dual Band versions.
  • As Skytech Yachting is always looking to the future, the antennas are also available in “dual Satellite Operator-ready” version.
  • Skytech is proud to offer the smallest VSAT antennas on the Yachting market, with unrivalled size and weight thanks to the use of carbon fibre and alloy technologies.
  • This means fast, easy and less invasive installations, with no need for huge shipyard support structures.
  • Skytech Yachting also operates an innovative support Service, managed by the VSAT Team who are directly connected to the Skytech Factory. This means no need to pass-through an external net of local dealers; the Service uses only original spare parts and its systems are always up-to-date.
  • The company’s VSAT Team can provide reliable Customer support for the whole journey, from the initial survey to define the right system configuration and model for the Client’s needs, right up to making the final decision on Airtime solutions.

    “Hardware purchase is the first action but should come after a complete review and analysis matching antenna size, cost, onboard needs, sailing areas and right Airtime and billing solutions”

How do its airtime solutions and IT services offer clients a ‘complete choice’?

With Skytech Yachting VSAT Team Customers can select their service from a wide choice of Satellite subscriptions that meet any possible requirements:

  •  Full range of Ku-band service subscriptions.
  • Full range of new Ka-band service subscriptions (up to 50 Gbps download speed).
  •  Dual band subscriptions for dual-band antennas.

Rechargeable Airtime Solutions

This is the exciting new solution offered by SKYTECH – TELENOR, launched this month! Give Skytech Yachting VSAT Team a call or email to find out more (contact details below).


Full Integrated Service

The VSAT Team’s clients can work with its Engineers to find the right Service, configuration and IT System solution for them. This may include:

  • A complete new IT system installation:
    Skytech supports the customer from specs definition to configuration, developing the project and its realisation, Start up/Commissioning and IT Crew Training.
  • Existing InfoTech System implementation with VSAT integration:
    The company provides full integration with any existing IT system on board for the best performance, supporting ETOs.
  • Dedicated IT Support:
    Skytech Yachting has a dedicated IT Customer Service team covering the whole system: one port of call for both hardware and services issues. Aftersales support is also made a priority, covering any customer request from ENTERPISE Remote connection, to VPN services, to Video remote control and more.


Skytech’s VSAT solution is suitable for yachts of any shape and size, at any stage of the build.


New Yachts

Today’s owners can have more band with a smaller dish size and cheaper cost. Easier installation structures save production costs whilst more flexible Airtime solutions work around the yacht’s needs.


Yachts under refit

This is the perfect time to behind leave old systems with low performance and higher costs.


Charter & Yacht Management Companies

Install a small 50 cm antenna onboard your yachts with Skytech and soon you may power more than double the connection performance, without double the Airtime expense and with flexible choices available all-season long.

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