EPAK’s DSi9 antenna has officially been type approved by Telenor Satellite to operate on THOR 7’s Ka-band mobility service.


Guaranteed performance

The approval is an important process for the smooth operation of satellite broadband on-board seafaring vessels. The challenge is to keep a moving terminal accurately aligned to a satellite which is 36.000 km away. If the pointing is off by more than 0.2 degrees (zero-point-two), the connection fails and the transmission to the satellite must be stopped. This is a necessary precaution to avoid interference with other signals and even neighbouring satellites. Telenor Satellite is therefore testing and approving every make and model of VSAT antenna to ensure guaranteed performance when using the THOR 7 mobility service. During the assessment EPAK antennas were successfully tested for pointing accuracy, automatic beam switch, robustness and ease of handling.


Dedicated maritime mobility service

Telenor Satellite’s THOR 7 Ka-band mobility service will become a very important part of EPAK’s service portfolio. It offers regional coverage over the main European shipping lanes and utilises high-powered spot beams, providing unprecedented performance for maritime applications. Offshore customers benefit from high-speed internet with up to 24 Mbps of download speed. EPAK will offer the THOR7 service in combination with its own hardware as an “all-inclusive-package” at affordable monthly rates. The packages can be topped up with attractive options. Flexibility and convenience are key benefits, for instance with contract terms starting from 12 months.

EPAK antennas on private yacht

The service will suit commercial shipping and cruise operators as well as private yacht owners who require connectivity offshore with similar conditions as they would experience on land: high upload and download speeds, no data limitations, flexible contracts and manageable cost.


Experts in satellite tracking technology

EPAK is a German manufacturer with a strong research and development background in satellite communication. The products are the result of thorough engineering and expert knowledge. All essential processes and competencies are managed in-house, including researching, prototyping, series production and customer support.


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