Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Connectivity expert Orbis Yacht may be based in the UK, but it operates from all over the world.

This means it can combine the European, US and Middle East networks to offer one big umbrella of seamless global connectivity. Orbis Yacht can also provide an exclusive regional network connection, based on client requirements. Connected to 7 independent teleports worldwide, it has the capability to offer an optimum traffic in any area of the world.

The company’s goal is to deliver this finest international service whilst considering the yacht’s exact needs. That’s why it offers various connectivity options with a flexible pricing policy to match, meaning each package can be tailor-made to suit the individual client. Say goodbye to paying for something you don’t use and check out Orbis Yacht’s full range of services in the hotspots.



WiFi: To distribute satellite and 4G Internet connection on board


4G: Connection is possible with a selection of Sim packages and different coverage at competitive prices


Iridium Service: Ships are connected everywhere on the planet with pole-to-pole coverage


FBB: Fully integrated into our solution as the backup and primary system


VSAT: For global redundant coverage, we offer high-speed data and voice transmissions


GSM: To receive and place calls and utilise SMS messaging on your mobile phone. Our International Smartphone plan includes unlimited voice and a large data package


Web Portal: To control the remote Internet connection and other info in real time


Local Network Management: For QoS, OMB (out of band management), monitoring and controlling the traffic on board


Premium Hotspot: A pay as you go solution! To customise, monetise and manage the Wi-Fi platforms


VoIP4SAT: The state of the art integrated VoIP platform at our teleport allows you to make and receive phone calls just like on a domestic phone


VPN: Built to your needs, this provides dedicated links and bandwidth between different areas


Cyber Security: Protection is a need and the protection of our customers is our priority


Multi-management Suite: To setup Internet connections’ priorities and balance, user groups and internet access policies, traffic and application rules


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