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Yacht connectivity specialist MIMO Connect has teamed up with Norwegian technology company Celerway Communication (Celerway) to provide superyacht owners optimal internet connectivity through a 5G router that can operate on multiple networks at the same time.

“Operators and guests of superyachts want the best possible internet connection wherever they sail and berth. The 5G router from Celerway has upped the connectivity game massively, offering a combination of speed, uptime, fallback connectivity and cybersecurity levels we have not seen anywhere before,” says Matthew Buley, Co-Founding Director at MIMO Connect, which is headquartered in Hampshire, UK.

At the core of Celerway’s “Arcus” 5G router is a specially designed device management software that enables routers to seamlessly switch between available networks and provides load-balanced connectivity on multiple networks at the same time, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, fixed-line and satellite networks.

The 5G router offers up/downlink capacity of nearly 1 gigabit per second, and secures unique load balancing from up to seven WAN connections, of which three can be cellular. In addition, an integrated VPN solution ensures seamless operation globally. The router provides encryption up to more than 800 megabit per second.

“This is an ideal technology for any yacht operator that requires high-capacity connectivity while on the move. Our software’s ability to simultaneously utilise multiple networks significantly improves guest and crew experience through increased speed, uptime and fallback connectivity,” says Audun Fosselie Hansen, CEO of Celerway, which is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

MIMO Connect has integrated Celerway’s 5G router in its MIMO 5G Dome, which has been designed to provide yacht owners with a long internet connection range combined with the fastest and most reliable internet speed. To achieve this, the MIMO 5G Dome combines Celerway’s 5G router with eight high-gain Omni-directional antennas and short coax cables.

Mimo Connect

MIMO Connect is already experiencing a substantial demand for its MIMO 5G Dome.

“Once we learned about the Arcus 5G router and conducted our own extensive testing and due diligence, we immediately ordered more than 100 units. The MIMO 5G dome has been extremely popular in multiple verticals, we are selling multiple units daily as owners and operators acknowledge that onboard guests, and crew, expect the best possible internet connection when onboard a superyacht,” says Matthew Buley, Co-Founding Director at MIMO Connect.

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