In the maritime industry, it is not unusual to have black and grey water onboard. In fact, they are essential to the overall operation of a vessel. From the water that comes out of the sink to the water that comes out of the toilet, grey and black water plays a crucial role in the everyday lives of those who live and/or work onboard. However, like all things, they come with their own set of challenges. 

After use, black and grey water retreat into their designated tanks below deck where an unpleasant odour will begin to form. This odour is caused by a combination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pathogens and bacteria that work together to create poisonous gases, such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), to linger where they should not. The presence of these gases not only creates a pungent environment onboard but a toxic one as well. 

One solution that our experts have found to alleviate this issue is by installing PYURE Dynamic Protection air purification into the central ventilation system. 

PYURE’s Approach to Combatting Black/Gray Water Odor

PYURE Dynamic Protection air purification replicates the natural, cleansing power of the sun to eliminate a wide range of contaminants onboard. By using multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet lights to react with oxygen and water vapour, hydroxyls are formed within the chamber of the unit before releasing a cascade of powerful sanitizing oxidants into a space. These sanitizing oxidants then break down the molecular structure of the VOC, pathogen, and bacteria once they come into contact, so that they no longer threaten the health and wellbeing of those onboard. As a result, one can be assured that only the cleanest air is being consumed. 

The Proof is in the Success Stories

We have installed PYURE Dynamic Protection onboard 100+ vessels, but one industry that we’d like to highlight specifically is the yachting industry. Below we’ve included success stories from our testing partner, HAMANN AG, and a couple of our clients to show how PYURE has transformed their environment aboard their yachts. 


HAMANN AG is a globally recognized manufacturer of sewage and greywater treatment technology for the maritime industry. Their goal is to help their clients meet strict sewage discharge regulations, so that they may protect the marine environment. When we began promoting PYURE Dynamic Protection, they were excited to try out this revolutionary piece of technology for themselves. At their testing station in Hamburg, they placed the air purification system in a room that held black and grey water tanks and quickly noticed a significant change. The smell from the water had neutralized leaving no trace of any off-putting scent. 

“We ran tests with Grey and Black water smells at our testing station in Hamburg. The results are very impressive—like nothing we have ever seen before. We believe this is the new industry standard.” – Sales Director, HAMANN AG


Five years ago, we installed the first PYURE Dynamic Protection air purification system on a 51M superyacht that had been struggling to mitigate their gray water issue. They tried to combine carbon filters with ozone generators, however, the concern remained unsolved. The carbon filters became too moist to be effective and too costly to maintain and the ozone from the generator had escaped through a leak in the system that caused health concerns among the crew. After installing PYURE Dynamic Protection, the smell disappeared almost immediately, and life went on the same as it did before the occurrence of this inconvenience. This success later led our team to install the system in the yacht management company’s office in Monaco. 

“This technology solved our odour problems with the grey water tank. There were smells of Ozone before.” – Captain Philip Parker Larkin, 51M Superyacht


For six years, our second client had been struggling with absolving an odour coming from their black water tank. This 100M superyacht tried everything available on the market, but nothing worked until PYURE Dynamic Protection. Once the air purification system was installed, the smell immediately vanished. From there, our client contracted us to complete a full installation to treat the entire interior space as a public health measure. Since the installation four years ago, they have managed to save energy (through high recirculation and less resistance in the HVAC system) and money, as well as keep the indoor environment onboard free of VOCs, odours, pathogens, and mould. 

“The inside air is healthy and fresh. We are very happy with the performance.” – Captain, 100M Superyacht

Are You Ready to Address Your Black/Gray Water Concern?

Don’t let the odour from black and grey water stand in the way of you and those onboard from breathing clean air. Learn more about PYURE Dynamic Protection here! 

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