Creating an interface model capable of reacting to a person’s emotions and behaviour: the Miracle-MOHMI project is being tested in the yacht environment thanks to a working prototype made by Videoworks.

The MOHMI (smart multimedia MOnitoring systems for advanced HMI technologies in living environments) project aims to develop a home automation system, equipped with emotional intelligence, which can adapt its operation to the context it is used in, therefore maximizing comfort and entertainment in order to create the perfect onboard atmosphere; this system could also be used in hotels and homes.

The system is able to identify the users, their emotional state and the activity they are carrying out, starting from the analysis of their behaviour within the environment. Based on computer vision and machine-learning algorithms through a network of sensors, the system recognizes the emotions, the body posture and the person’s activity and then modify things like lights and music to increase the person’s well-being.

This function will also be integrated into the control app for A/V and entertainment systems.

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