So often we see companies bring out new modules for their system, but they end up being separate.  The owner is forced to buy an additional module and even have it set up outside of the initial control system.  It seems to be another way of dragging more cash from the client after the first install, plus it just makes the system more complicated and less stable.  And, it makes the system much harder to use by the owner or guests on the yacht.

Mr. Smith delivers a value for money system that works.  It’s a robust system that will last and will place more control into the hands of the ETO and the yacht itself.

With Mr. Smith you will get one intuitive system that is easy to use and built on a robust system.  When they develop a new module to enhance your entertainment system or to deliver added benefits it will seamlessly fit into the current GUI.  There will be no additional hardware and you will receive the same brilliant service with a smile that you have always received.  You will also be able to integrate other devices that you may already have onboard such as call service buttons.  They won’t shut these systems out, they make sure that they integrate with their interface to make your life easier.

More about their LAVIE system:

FAST: This is an App store based app designed to use without any programming on your own device.

RELIABLE:  A web-based system manager with a reliable interface to run all your favourite apps and have them all seamlessly integrated into one.

EASY:  Lavie is the easy to use configurable, future proof AV system based on Apple or Android hardware

Mr. Smith are the VIP Terrace Sponsor at the Superyacht Technology Conference starting on Thursday.

For more information on Mr. Smith visit their website or brochure. 


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